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Lady Isis

Patsy Cole

Lady Isis has bloomed into a Kingdom Celebrity for the Kingdom of God.  She promotes God outwardly, Motivates, and Inspire people through “A Dose of Trinity Radio Show.  Lady Isis is on a mission of Kingdom Building daily so tune in weekly to get your Motivational Daily Dose
Be Made Whole w/ Patsy Cole
As a Minister, Teacher, Mentor and Certified Belief Therapist, my goal is to Encourage, Empower and Equip the listening audience in becoming whole…Spirit, Soul and Body.    I will impart unto them Biblical Truths and provide Life Applications throughout the broadcast.  In result, with faith in God, many will experience manifestations of the Gospel of the Kingdom, thus fulfilling the mission of A Dose of Trinity Radio Show. .

Dorrel Willis

Class Is In Session
Ever felt like you needed someone to pick you up and get you going back in the right direction? Ever felt in life you needed a coach to help structure your day or life better? I’m Dorrel, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. I provide you with actionable information on how to better prepare yourself to go up against challenges in your life. Whether you face an addiction, hate your job, starting a new business or need better relationships/friendships, I can provide you with a way to refocus and get what you want out of each situation all while keeping a smile on your face and loving every step of the way. 
It’s time for class, time to take some notes. 


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